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   What is an eFieldTrip?

There are many different ideas of what an eFieldTrip is. Below is an animated Flash presentation to help you understand what make up our eFieldTrips. It requires Macromedia Flash Player, which you can download here.

eFieldTrips consist of four major components:
Trip Journal
   First, the teacher downloads and gives students copy of a printed Trip Journal. It is a simple one page fill-in the blank type worksheet that helps to keep the students focused and provides a way for the teacher to grade student participation if he desires. The students fill-out the Trip Journal while they are completing the next component, the Virtual Visit.
Virtual Visit
   The Virtual Visit is an interactive Flash movie that teaches the students about the eFieldTrip topic. It can be completed at anytime and at the student's own pace. It typically takes about 15 minutes for a student to go through the Virtual Visit.
Ask the Experts
   After completing the Virtual Visit, students have an opportunity to interact with the experts. Students can ask questions via an "Ask the Experts" web form, and recieve an answer in 1-2 days.
Live Chat
   Another way students can interact with experts is by participating in a live web chat at a scheduled time.

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